HR Community

What is an HR Community? Very simple: The HR Community allows individual hotels and small hotel chains to leverage synergies within Human Resources themselves. As member of the cooperation you have access to external HR services and products, you wouldn´t have access on your own because of costs or resources. We focus primarily on hotels which are not connected to big chains and therefore central services. The aim is, especially for you as an individual hotel, to strengthen your employer brand in order to support you on employee recruiting and relationship. Strengthen your employer profile in order to remain competitive for your own employees and for potential new ones on the applicant market. This goes beyond Recruiting and is a long term approach. Invest in your employee relationship and satisfaction, your recruiting efforts will decrease as well. If you want to remain competitive a professional HR Marketing is mandatory. For this result it is worth to go new paths. We support you.

Our portfolio in a summary

How does it work? Requirements are different in each hotel as each hotel is unique. Beside a fixed service portfolio you can choose services whatever brings the most value for your hotel. To remain small and efficient hotels will only be included per request.

Applicant Tracking System

If you are not working with an ATS yet, you should think about the advantages of time saving and efficiency of your recruiting process. Talentfactum works with partners in this area which provides you best practices and cost saving as community.

Your own career page

You don´t have your own career site yet? Your own career site gives you the opportunity to present your hotel as a great employer to work for and sharpening your benefits for potential employees.

Employee benefits

Employee benefits are part of employee relations. Talentfactum works together with partners which give you access to employee benefits.

Training partners

Most employees do want to develop themselves. Yours as well? Talentfactum provides you with a partner network which gives you access to cost savings for selected programmes.

E- Recruiting

Are you still post and pray? Talentfactum supports with tips and tricks to proactively contact passive candidates in order to increase the quality of applications. You will receive furthermore news and recommendations for jobboards within hospitality.


Employee referral programme

Employee referral programmes reflect a huge change, to find new employees more cheaper and quicker than usual tools. Talentfactum supports you to establish a good working referral programme.

Knowledge transfer

As HR decision maker you will be invited to get together within the community. The goal is a common knowledge exchange of best practices, trends and information.

Early careers

Talentfactum represents you on career fairs on the German speaking market.


...much more

You want to become part of the community and sharpen your profile?

In order to guarantee Exclusivity, we select our partners only on request. Please contact us to have a conversation around our portfolio and services.