Do you have a strong employer brand profile?

Employer Branding makes unique. Be unique.

Especially small hotel chains and individual hotels often have no time to build up an Employer Brand and put an effort into HR Marketing or implement new trends. So there is often the challenge to differentiate as hotel or hotel chain against big employer brands. But in times of being in an applicant market rather than an employer market anymore, it is even more critical. As member hotel with Talentfactum, you are a member of a Community who benefits from the knowledge exchange with other members. You gain access to services within Employer Branding and HR Marketing such as employee discounts, support on creating your own career page, strengthen your employee referral programme, being present on career fairs, access to partners and many more. We leverage synergies in cooperation. You benefit from financial savings and stay agile during a lack of staffing. As an international hotel we represent you on the German employee market. Talentfactum counts itself as a HR Community bringing together Boutique, individual hotels and small hotel chains who already have a focus on their employees. We work only exclusively with a selection of hotels, only on request.

Your benefits

  Cost efficiency

  Time efficiency

  Compensating lack of staffing

  Knowledge transfer

  Use of syngergies

  Increasing employee satisfaction

  Increase employee relations

  Usage of dedicated jobportals

  Increase quality of applications


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Employer Branding

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