You are looking for a next career opportunity?

If you are open for new opportunities within hospitality we ask you to connect via LinkedIn or sending us your CV with your experiences via the contact link below. We will be happy to keep you posted for new positions available which fit to your profile.
If the profile of a search mandates we are working on does align to your profile, we will approach you directly. During our direct approach we refer to referrals from the industry, our contact network and through the search via Web 2.0. Dependend on the position we also publish job descriptions.
How to continue? For all mandates we guarantee absolute confidentiality. Only with your confirmation we present your profile to our customers. In advance of presenting candidates, we will have a detailed interview with you whether on the phone, via Skype or if possible also face to face. Please be informed that due to data protection reasons, we can only consider CV´s submitted by our contact form.