Make a difference

We support fantastic social projects in the fields of education and training for young people to give hope for meaningful lives and future perspectives. We do not want to lose sight of the most important aspects of life and therefore support less privileged young people to help them to create their future through a good foundation of education. And even more important, we can learn from each other. Small things matter.

PROJECT-E is an international NGO whose mission is to provide job opportunities for young Ethiopian women from underprivileged social backgrounds through sustainable and market-oriented education transparently and responsibly. The goal of the Hospitality Institute of PROJECT-E is to provide a promising formation for girls from humble backgrounds and without any professional perspectives. The program takes one-and-a-half years and is based on the Ethiopian Occupational Standard.
At Project-E are all students and young professionals working voluntarily in our free time for this goal – we all share great responsibility in young years which allows us to develop our skills in leadership, project management and determination. Hopefully, we can continue to motivate young people from all kinds of backgrounds to get involved.

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