Make a difference

We support great social projects within hospitality with focus on training and education. It is our aim to create a circle and value. We want to keep the most important things in mind: To give. With our financial support we give young people a promising future and the opportunity to set their future path. Most important, we can learn from each other. 

The goal of the Hospitality Institute of PROJECT-E is to provide a promising formation for girls from humble backgrounds and without any professional perspectives. The program takes two years and is based on the Ethiopian Occupational Standard. After graduation, the students do not only obtain the so called “Certificate for Hotel Operation Level 2”. During the two years, we work closely with the girls and support them also in a financial and personal way. In collocations, they learn how to be independent, to live with other people and to lead a self-reliant life. Through the weekly English lessons, they widen their vocabulary and their grammar knowledge, but also their self-esteem. They learn how to give a presentation in front of a group, to present themselves self-confidently to new people and to conduct fluent conversations with hotel guests. Through the regular general knowledge courses, the students get informed about specific topics such as HIV, family planning and gender rights. Thanks to this combination of basic courses in the hotel field but also in social skills, the girls get the possibility to develop their potential and to become competitive employees, who can take tourism in Ethiopia further.

Please follow the link to their webpage:  Project E